Monday, March 21, 2011


Final Project

Before Midterm
these are assignments for each week.

1st Assignment "Samurai"
- HL passing the head
- HL passing mid section
- HL passinf lower leg

2nd Assignment "Geisha"
- Figure on bellow HL

3rd Assignment "Noah"
- Figure on and above HL
- Figure on and below HL

4th Assignment "Noah"
- Looking up x2
- Looking Down x2

All of Noah subject I did are fail ...
At the midterm I redid some pieces..

After Midterm
felling better after spring break :S

5th Assignment "Egypt"
- HL
-Looking down
(now i'm fixing camel)
-Looking up
(want to finish this on too)

6th Assignment "Greek Myth"
- HL
-Looking down
-Looking up
-1 point

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